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Bitcoin Adviser Pricing

Value is Remembered Long After Price is Forgotten

In a world of endless choices and varying price tags, it's easy to become entangled in the debate over cost versus value. While price is a tangible figure, value goes deeper. It's about the quality, the experience, the security and the peace of mind that something provides.

Discover the Value with The Bitcoin Adviser

At The Bitcoin Adviser, we receive inquiries about the 1% fees we charge for our Bitcoin services. We invite you to "Come, take a closer look." Because once you see the full picture, you'll find that our services are not just about the fee you pay but the immense value, security, and satisfaction you receive in return.

The Comprehensive Services We Provide

Collaborative Custody Multisig - Your Bitcoin is self-custodied and stored securely, empowering you without making you solely dependent on any one entity.

Estate Planning Protocols - Carefully designed to secure your digital legacy, aligning your Bitcoin investment with your long-term vision.

Expert Guidance and Support - Our team is always here to help, from setting up to managing and everything in between.

Unlocking Additional Sources of Funds - We work closely with clients to help them identify additional sources of funds to grow their Bitcoin holdings. This aspect is vital as it often results in clients increasing their Bitcoin holdings over time, not decreasing them. We also assist clients in educating their partners, fostering an understanding that can lead to higher Bitcoin allocations.

These services are not just conveniences; they're integral to maintaining the security and growth of your Bitcoin investment.

A Transparent Fee Structure: Payable in Sats

1% Fee - Calculated on your Bitcoin balance at the end of every month, broken down into 12 monthly increments.

Payment in Sats - Fees are payable in sats, the smallest unit of Bitcoin, ensuring a seamless transaction process within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

No Hidden Charges - Straightforward, fair, and resonating with the unique dynamics of Bitcoin investment.

Great Value for Money

When you look back on the experiences you've had in life, you rarely remember what they cost. What stays with you is the value they brought, the safety they provided, and the satisfaction they delivered.

Our 1% fees enable you to realise a 99% upside. Compared to other custody and financial products that can often charge more than twice this for substantially less service, you'll find it represents great value for money. It's not just a fee; it's an investment in a secure future for your Bitcoin.

The Peace of Mind We Deliver

"I was always apprehensive about the safety of my Bitcoin holdings. Since partnering with The Bitcoin Adviser, I've found incredible peace of mind, thanks to their robust custody solutions and thorough inheritance planning."

- Client Testimonial

Our clients often express how our services give them a peace of mind that's unparalleled. They know their Bitcoin is safe, secure, and self-custodied. They feel the weight lifted, the uncertainty erased, and the future illuminated.


The services we offer at The Bitcoin Adviser are not about the price tag; they're about the value, the security, the positive experience, and the peace of mind we deliver. Our 1% fees are not a cost but an investment in a service that aligns perfectly with your Bitcoin journey.

Value is remembered long after price is forgotten. When it comes to safeguarding your Bitcoin, understanding this truth can make all the difference.

For more information, please visit our comparison page or contact us. We're here to assist in any way we can, ensuring your Bitcoin journey is as secure and rewarding as possible.

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